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About Artist Khara Ledonne


Oh. Hello.

Thank you for visiting. I wish we could sit down over tea and toast slathered in butter, and see each other’s faces.

But alas. You are here, and I am somewhere else, so here is my story:

A few and a half decades ago I was born to a fiercely independent mother in a small town of Washington state, famous for its tulips.

I began painting in my late teens. My first mural was published in Seventeen magazine and spurred enough momentum to encourage further mural work. This learning curve carried me through college at Cornish in Seattle, WA.

After graduating I moved to New York City and spent the next 11 years working at a wine bar, a middle school, a pizzeria, a restoration studio, and independently as an artist. At Evergreene Architectural Arts, I worked alongside brilliant muralists from all over the world. Much of my income as a painter those years came from making signs for restaurants and museums. Along the way I dabbled with miniatures, which grew over 8 years and has now become a large part of my business.

In 2016 I moved to upstate NY, just in time to meet my partner who whisked me away on a crackpot dream to live on a sailboat. We scraped up the money to buy a 29’ sloop and sailed her - breaking down all the nautical way - from CT to FL over the course of a year, which is recorded in the Sea Log Adventure.

Along the way, we lovingly and accidentally conceived our son. We are expecting our second little one this summer.

I currently live and work in Bellingham, WA. Continuing to paint as a mother has been an enormous challenge which I pursue tenaciously. I travel selectively for work.  I volunteer selectively for loving causes. I care about painting.  I care about working for kind people.  I care that what I paint brings others imagination and delight.  I care that my interactions are considerate, generous, and open-hearted. 

If you would like to contact me, please do so at:  khara.ledonne [at] gmail.com

Thank you for your time and eyes.