Bison House copy.jpg

A Collection of Satirical Animal Illustrations

Illustrations featuring imagined architecture on the backs of unsuspecting animals.

Animal BnB is a satirical illustration project commenting on how we manipulate the natural world around us. Each animal begrudgingly plays “host” to a BnB, and is accompanied by cheeky reviews that weave a narrative connecting throughout the illustrations.

To purchase a booklet of 24 animal illustrations with their satirical reviews see: She Didn’t Eat Me: Five Stars

Bison House copy.jpg

Bison’s Cabin

“The mountains outside of Bison’s place were literally calling, which is romantic on a poster but pretty aggravating in person.” - Nim, graphic designer

“We had a great time until we all died of cholera.” -The Hannegan’s, pioneers

Mantis House copy.jpg

Mantis’ Condo

“She didn’t eat me. Five stars.”

Humpback House copy.jpg

Humpback’s Castle

“I thought this was a sperm whale, not a humpback whale, and definitely not a sperm bank! Gosh, I got so pregnant.” -Mary, virgin

“Consummate host. My favorite annual work trip.” -Ted, turkey baster acct rep

Lemur House copy.jpg

Lemur’s House

“Lemur’s hut is extremely isolated in the tamarind trees. There are plastic bags for mosquito netting, and a hole in the wall for the bathroom. Not in the floor. In the wall.” -Jack & Jill

Penguin House copy.jpg

Penguin’s Place

“The ice in your drink never melts. Ever.” -Mel

“Why is there even a fridge here, is this a joke?” -Sid

Flamingo House copy.jpg

Flamingo’s Patio

“At flamingo’s there isn’t actually any bedroom or bathroom…or shelter of any kind. I got so sunburned I look like a deep friend empanada.” -Yan, Scandinavian

Llama House copy.jpg

Llama’s Sanctuary

“Frigid mountain water trickles through a crack in the rocks, and the bed is a slab of ancient stone. Llama’s place was so authentic!” -Hugh & Charlotte, Australians

“Who’s place is so filthy even the ghost of Pachacuti stays somewhere else? Yo llama.”-Juan, backpacker

Walrus House copy.jpg

Walrus’ Compound

“The beds are made out of blubber and the floors are heated by electrically converted seal barks.” - Elon, inventor

“The beds are made out of blubber!” -Robin, enthusiast

Rhinoceros House copy.jpg

Rhino’s Rehab

“I was forced to go to Rhino’s rehab. You sleep on raw hide, eat dry grass, and swim the moat for 3 hours every day.” -Paulson, former hedge fund investor

“No wifi?!?” -Everyone ever

Sloth House copy.jpg

Sloth’s Sleep Den

“Sloth’s place is a napping harem. Inside there are a hundred cots lined with pillows, ear plugs, and bottles of codeine.” -Kurtis, insomniac

Rooster’s Roost

“Where’s the bathroom? Are you supposed to poop in the straw?” -Laura, bachelorette

“I know roosters are supposed to crow at dawn, but this guy cockadamndoodled all day. Take a break already.” - Vlad

Pelican’s Shacks

“Pelican’s place is a pelicatessan of sweet waves." - Kiyan, surfer

“The cabins smell like a rainbow of fish guts, but they’re cheerful! Inside there are hammocks, mosquito netting, and a mini fridge stocked with fermenting clams.”

Marmot House copy.jpg

Marmot’s Longhouse

“Marmot’s sweat lodge purged my soul of all its earthly demons and left me cleaner than an angel’s ass cheeks.” -Paulson, life coach

“What in the gosh darn heck is in that pipe?!” -Richard

Panda House copy.jpg

Panda’s Pagoda

“The menu at Panda’s is a little sparse - bamboo three meals a day.” -Jackie, kungfu master

“I was so bamboozled by the pantastic hospitality that I could bearly stand it.” -Mark, dad

Vaquita House copy.jpg

Vaquita’s Hacienda

“We just really wanted to stay here before she went extinct.” -Sadness, fact

“My parents urged me not to stay here, they said she was part of a gang, but it turns out she’s a mother of three, and made the most amazing tamales.” -Leah, culinary student