Walnut ink on plaster family tree.  One Girl Cookies, Brooklyn, NY
 Traditional Florentine garden mural.  Besana family palazzo, Sirtori, Italy.
 Grecian Landscape with hidden narrative of family history.    Brooklyn, NY
 Detail of Greece mural depicting narrative scenes from family history.
 Garden foyer ceiling.  Milan, Italy
 Faux plaster theatrical backdrop.  Boston, MA
 Spanish world map, Tres Reyes, Mexico
 San Juan islands map.  Puget Sound, WA
 Foliage adornment, master bedroom.  Milan, Italy
 Entry foyer garden.  Milan, Italy
 French-Mexican restaurant mural.  Jolie Cantina, Brooklyn, NY
 Mangrove mural in progress.  Winter Park, FL
 Florida nature mural.  Winter Park, FL
 Hidden fairy in secret hallway.  Stoneybrook, NY
 Sleepy cheetah, jungle room.  Greenwich, CT
 Jungle leaves and froglets.  Greenwich, CT
 Swamp forest mural.  Winter Park, FL
 Woodland mural.  Greenwich, CT
 Outer space mural.  Northwest WA
 Fruits of the Spirit mural.  Bellingham, WA
 Floral bedroom adornment.  Milan, Italy
 Trompe L'oiel Italian wall.  Seattle, WA
 Khara and Suzie.  Tres Reyes, Mexico
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