Puerto Rico Jungle Waterfall Brass Compass

Puerto Rico Jungle Waterfall Brass Compass


Inspired by Gozalandia Falls in Puerto Rico, this compass holds a glowing tropical pool waiting for you to plunge in. The water is painted in 5 thin layers to make the turquoise deep and vibrant. Truly hand-painted with itty bitty details of plants and vines.

The compass is properly functional, and is a sturdy, durable piece of hardware. It measures 1 1/2" x 1 3/4", and is 5/8" deep when closed. It has a snug hinge, and an indentation for opening with your finger. There is an exterior knob that holds the needle inside still when not in use.

All packages are shipped via USPS with tracking and insurance, and come wrapped in a small kraft box with a ribbon. Comes with a sneaky desire to get naked and go skinny dipping.

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