Nautical Navigation Buoy Brass Locket

Nautical Navigation Buoy Brass Locket


Whenever you’re coming towards land or a port, the red navigational marker will always be on your right. This clean, bright, graphic painting captures the simplicity of life on the water when all that matters is finding your way. Layered in vivid shades of teal and red oil enamel with teeny tiny letters in white.

These lockets come from vintage stock, and have a wonderful quality of thickness to them that modern brass lockets do not have. It measures 3/4” in diameter, with the painted insets measuring 13mm. The antiqued brass chain measures 20" (51 cm) and is closed with a lobster clasp and tab end.

Each locket comes wrapped up nicely in a gift box. All packages are shipped USPS with insurance & tracking.

Go on, get salty.

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