Moon Phases Solid Brass Compass

Moon Phases Solid Brass Compass


How often do you look up at the moon? Not enough! Keep the magical marble of the night skies close to your heart with this solid brass compass. Inside have been painted two layers of deep black oil enamel, layered with soft gradients of the moon phases. Truly painted individually by my own hands. It’s damn tricky to get all those circles the same size.

The compass is properly functional, and is a sturdy, durable piece of hardware. It measures 1 1/2" x 1 3/4", and is 5/8" deep when closed. It has a snug hinge, and an indentation for opening with your finger. There is an exterior knob that holds the needle inside still when not in use.

All packages are shipped via USPS with tracking and insurance, and come wrapped in a small kraft box with a ribbon. Comes with a pandora’s box of mysticism and menstrual cycle disturbance.

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